What Flowers Should I use for my Halloween-themed Wedding?

Many couples choose to adopt a theme for their big day, and why not? Having a themed wedding is sure to leave an impression on your guests and will have them remembering your wedding for years to come. It’s also nice to choose to do something a little different – it’s your day, so have fun with it!

Popular wedding themes include those themed after eras, films and annual holidays, with Christmas usually being the most popular of the latter. However, one holiday theme that’s becoming more and more popular is Halloween. Halloween is fun, autumnal and well-suited to weddings where families will be in attendance, so a guest at any Halloween wedding will surely feel like they are in for a treat… or maybe a trick!

One thing that could be difficult when planning your Halloween themed wedding is making sure you can carry the theme throughout, which can be difficult when it comes to choosing the perfect flowers. Luckily, there are some great Halloween flowers to choose from that will fit many themes!


What Makes a Halloween Bridal Bouquet?

First of all, what is it about your chosen flowers that will keep them in line with the theme?

You’ll know exactly what you want for your bouquet or Halloween wedding décor once you see it, but the best things to keep in mind as you are looking around is the color and style you like.

For instance, is your theme moody and gothic, well-suited to burgundy and black flowers and trailing ivy? Or, are you looking at a more natural, autumnal theme, perhaps utilizing colors such as purple or orange with plenty of extra sprigs, blooms and foliage to fill out your arrangement?

Either way, there are so many flowers out there that are just perfect for the Halloween theme of your wedding, and many can be mixed and matched to create the perfect arrangement for you.

Red Roses

Of course, this may be an obvious choice, but they’re popular because they are so lovely.

If your florist can acquire some deep, red roses for your big day and have them made up with a deep green ivy, tree fern and thistles, you can turn this traditional bloom and put a beautiful Halloween twist on a traditional wedding favorite. Roses are also versatile. They work great as hanging décor, as a table centerpiece, flower wearable and of course, as a bouquet.

If you would like to make your florals a bit darker, consider asking your florist about using black floral spray to really play up to your Halloween themed wedding flowers. The black edges with the brightness of the natural red petals coming through will be sure to wow your guests.

After all, roses and romance go hand in hand!

Black Calla Lily

Black calla lilies make the perfect addition to a Halloween bouquet. With their interesting shape and deep color – these are sure to catch the attention of all your guests, whether used in your bouquet or as part of your Halloween wedding décor.

Perhaps you’d like to dress them up a little for your bouquet by adding some extra foliage and greenery, but if not, these beautiful flowers don’t particularly need anything else surrounding them. They will make a unique and eye-catching bouquet exactly as they are!

If you are looking for something that you aren’t used to seeing at weddings but capture the perfect look and color for your Halloween theme, black calla lilies could be exactly what you want.


Dahlias have a naturally interesting look to them, with their round and shapely appearance and abundance of petals. They also come in a wide variety of colors, including two staples of the Halloween color pallet, yellow and purple.

One of the rarer varieties of dahlia is burgundy. These are perfect for your Halloween theme if your florist can source them. designed with care and nestled in extra greenery, dahlias will make for a unique and eye-catching bouquet, especially when combined with different colors to fit your color scheme.

Dahlias are quite a large flower, so you don’t need that many of them in order to give your arrangements a filled-out appearance. This is ideal for anyone looking to dress their tables and venue with the same flowers that they used in their bouquet.


Snapdragons are perfect for any bride looking for something a little different. These unique, tall flowers are grown in a variety of different colors and are often used to fill out a bouquet alongside other flowers and blooms. However, with enough added foliage, snap dragons make a beautiful bouquet on their own.

Consider adding orange snapdragons to your bouquet of deep purple flowers to really accentuate your Halloween color scheme, or maybe dress up some beautiful, deep red snapdragons with deep green thistles for a more natural and autumnal arrangement.

Either way, snapdragons are a great option for your Halloween themed wedding, and their bloom is often still going strong in October!

Chocolate Cosmos

Cosmos is a sweet and beautiful flower and can bloom in a range of different colors, including purple, orange and red.

However, a real wedding day showstopper would be a bouquet featuring the rare chocolate cosmos, a deep burgundy variety of the flower with a black center. They may be a little harder to track down but would be well worth the effort. Put together with the right foliage and greenery, perhaps with some smaller flowers in a well-suited color, chocolate cosmos would make for the perfect autumnal bouquet with a gothic Halloween twist.

Another pleasing attribute is that the name corresponds to the scent. The name ‘chocolate cosmos’ comes from the scent of – you guessed it – chocolate! What could be better than flowers that don’t just look great but smell perfect too?

If you’re unable to track down this rarer variety of cosmos, though, the more commonly available varieties still look beautiful and would make an excellent base for any bouquet, but especially for an autumnal Halloween wedding.

Whether you are interested in one of the flowers listed or some other dark and moody blooms, our expert florists at 1-800-Flowers Alhambra serving areas around Alhambra, CA would love to create the perfect florals to make your Halloween dreams come true.

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