Tips for a Killer Spring Wedding

Are you planning to take the plunge? Avoid you or your partner getting cold feet by taking the plunge when the water is not too cold. The birds and the bees are all about love in the spring, and we are too! If you are thinking of springing forward into marriage instead of falling back into the single life, these tips will help you plan a killer spring wedding that will make the most of the season and your budget.

The way a hook was once the method of getting a bad performer off the stage and back behind the curtain, spring arrives on the scene costumed in warmth, longer daylight hours and renewed life to steal the show, end winter’s gloomy, dull performance and replace it with a script written in the language of love.

Wedding trends come and go, so trends should be regarded as sources of inspiration instead of rules to follow. Different cultures have different ways of celebrating marriage and individual tastes vary, but the urge to find that one person and capture the feeling of two souls making the conscious choice to join as one never changes. It is the most natural impulse in the world.

If you have found your special someone, you have already conquered the hard part. The wedding is simply the celebration of that amazing feat. Think about it, of all the billions of people on this planet, you found the ONE person who completes you! Try to keep that in your mind to avoid getting stressed over the many small details that go into planning a wedding. Your wedding is a celebration, so enjoy it and keep it fun. No matter what happens with the wedding itself, you have already found the one. The rest is all just icing on the cake or whatever dessert you decide on.

If you think about it, a wedding can be created by asking and subsequently answering the fundamental questions of who, what, when, where, why and how. Well, you already know who is getting married, but you still must figure out who will attend. The what is the wedding itself and the why are the many reasons you fell in love and the pledge you make to join hearts, bodies, souls and families. Aside from choosing a date for your wedding to answer when, and the where, which is the venue, is one of the first things that needs to be decided upon.

Spring is synonymous with flowers, and luckily spring brings with it a variety when it comes to in-season blooms. Peonies, roses, ranunculus, tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, calla lilies, lavender and viburnum are just a few examples of the lovely blossoms that will be more affordable in the springtime. Lucky for spring weddings, these are also some of the most desirable flowers for wedding arrangements.

Not just in-season, florals are also in trend. This year, weddings are all about the petals. The best wedding landscapes utilize florals and look so natural that they appear to materialize from the earth.

Spring is the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding. Spring’s natural pastel, romantic aura is perfect for a garden wedding. If you are worried about the weather, be practical and unique by creating an outdoor setup with umbrellas that will add color and intrigue to photos and keep the sun and rain off your guests. Decorative, hand-painted fans are great gifts for guests that will also keep them cool.

Some other gorgeous garden-party ideas are sundresses, pretty swings, wicker chandeliers, and bistro chairs, wooden benches or other types of garden furniture. If you have a bar, you can create a gorgeous bloom-covered bar top or latticed front with flowers snaking through it.

If you aren’t brave enough for your big day to take place in the great outdoors, make it feel like you are outside by incorporating plenty of flowers and greenery. Rustic crates with blossoms can add intrigue to the entrance. Planted blooms lining the aisles and overflowing onto the walkway can form a path to romance. Plants in ceramic or wooden boxes can be used as centerpieces, and floral chandeliers always bring beauty and nature to your celebration.

Since a wedding is a celebration of the love you share, not just with one another but with family and friends, consider a non-traditional ceremony arrangement. A circular set-up allows everyone to have the same view and a creative, a long-winding aisle with curves draws out the walk and adds anticipation. For the reception, banquet tables with simple, smaller flower arrangements allow guests to see each other, and if the table is connected and goes all the way around the room, the happy couple can sit in the middle without feeling separate or on display.

When it comes to color, spring weddings no longer need to stick to strict pastels. Soft textures and colors are enhanced and give added depth by moodier accents, and it is okay to mix colors that traditionally have been kept apart. Alongside those soft, whimsical florals, you may appreciate some dark, brooding velvet, or put the petal to the metal and mix popular metallic accents like copper with your florals. Feel free to explore the many options, and don’t forget to have fun with florals!

Speaking of fun with florals, floral dishware and hand-illustrated flowers on customized stationary, invitations and signs give weddings a more personalized and less polished tone that serve to create a narrative of your romance. When it comes to arrangements, texture is essential and pampas grass is beautiful for arches and aisles. It combines gracefully with structural design elements like wooden beams.

San Francisco isn’t the only place to wear flowers. Spring weddings are perfect for flowers as accents. In-season boutonnieres add a pop of color to the men in the wedding party. Petals in signature cocktails make beautiful conversation pieces, and wedding cakes adorned with edible flowers are stunning.

There are many interesting color palettes that do not conform to a rigid range of shades. Colors can unexpectedly complement each other without being boring. An exciting color combination is mauve, olive green and periwinkle. Another example is coral, teal and marigold, which includes some of the trendiest colors. Mixing jewels and pastels together makes for a sophisticated, bohemian vibe when it includes indigo and carnation yellow. For added vintage and texture, consider champagne, rich sage and slate. All the combinations can be embellished with natural materials like dark wood and stone work.

Color and Style.

Color is not the only aspect of weddings that has gotten less formal. Spring weddings are now more natural and personal with mix and match designs and attire. People are opting for more eco-friendly flowers in smaller arrangements, free of foam, weddings dresses that are ethically made and wedding cakes with fresh ingredients from local businesses.

When it comes to the dress, spring is the perfect time to pick dresses that are flirty and fun for both the bride and for the bridesmaids. Understated, soft polka dots, gowns with asymmetrical designs, unconventional hemlines, sundresses, one-shoulder silhouettes and even two-piece crop top dresses are all trendy, fun options for spring weddings. For the men, suits with different patterns and unusual fabric are great for making a statement without stealing the show.

Food for Thought.

Food adds flavor to a wedding both literally and figuratively. Wedding snacks can also blur the lines between food and art and create interest in the background of photos. Ideas for making food more interactive include grazing tables with edible artistic displays of cheese, meat and fruit and food stations like tea, guacamole and popcorn bars.

Popcorn is a great snack because it can be served in adorable containers with scalloped edges. Deviled eggs get an updated look with different ingredients and brighter colors. The rest of the food for a spring wedding should be colorful, healthy and in season. Some popular options for spring are steamed asparagus, strawberries, snap peas, salad greens and healthy meats like grilled chicken and fresh fish fillets.

Statement cakes are back in style. Dried floral cakes, drip cakes and cakes with fresh berries are delectable sweet treats for spring that are pleasing to the eye, as well as, to the taste buds. Cakes are best kept light and airy with fresh ingredients.

Food items can also be used as gifts for guests. Edible wedding favors to consider are olive oils, hot sauces and spice blends. That takes care of taste, but there are other important senses. Scent is directly associated with memory, so scented candles are great for decorating, creating a mood and naturally enhancing and softening everything for photos.

Capture the Moment.

When it comes to photos and entertainment, selfie stations are still fun and engaging for everyone in attendance. For those who don’t want to overdo the florals in the scenery, balloon walls are very eye-catching for pictures. Signs can be personalized along with seating charts and stationary, and with the right illustrations, they can even tell your story. When it comes to the special moment announcing the happy couple as husband and wife, consider a flurry of confetti. It creates a moment right out of a fairytale.

When it comes to weddings, it is important to do what makes you happy. Ditch the rules in favor of making it a day you will remember and with no regrets. Make your wedding party a group of people you are closest to. These days, anything goes, so if you want to have brides-men instead of bridesmaids, go for it! There can be grooms-girls, too. Hey, if you have a grandma who you doesn’t want to feel left out, make her a flower grandma! The options are all inclusive because love doesn’t always fall into the typical, standard roles.

Some people have a special, close relationship with a pet and want to include him or her in the wedding. Check with the venue beforehand to make sure it is acceptable. Dogs, cats and any other animal attendees can wear crowns of greenery for photos.

Break Down the Plan.

These ideas are just details. For a wedding to come together, all the details must combine to form a plan that has structure but is fluid enough to change as needed. To assist in sculpting these details into a cohesive plan, we have a guideline that is a step-by-step approach that will allow you to plan for your wedding without succumbing to nerves or feeling overwhelmed.

The first few steps for planning your killer spring wedding are simple. Set a general date, figure out your budget, add to the ideas that are here. Consider organizing your ideas into a book or online on Pinterest and draft a loose guestlist to give yourself an idea of how many people you will be inviting.

The next part involves finding the venue. Once you decide on the place, you can start meeting vendors, choosing food and beverage caterers, a wedding planner (if you need one), photographer and/or videographer, DJ or band, officiant and cake provider. Figure out if the DJ or band can provide the ceremony music.

It’s all in the Details.

Spring weddings need spring flowers. Don’t worry, they won’t bring showers, but they will bring color and detail to the scenery and to your photos. Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Alhambra in Alhambra, CA, would be delighted to assist you with selecting and creating the perfect floral accents for your spring wedding.

Once you have the nitty-gritty details somewhat settled, it is a good idea to start dress shopping. Not all dress sizes will be available in the shops, so the dress needs to be chosen early enough to allow for special ordering and altering, if necessary.

It is a good idea to have the previous tasks accomplished early. Once you know those details, the wedding begins to take shape, so you can create a website for your wedding and send out your save-the-dates.

The Outfits of the Day.

Even though the dress has already been chosen, the shopping fun continues as the bridesmaids and groom and groomsmen still need attire to be chosen. Make the most of the fun of shopping by also registering for your wedding gifts during these shopping excursions. Now is the time for shopping around to find wedding invitations you love, as well.

Some other considerations are planning the honeymoon, booking hair and makeup and starting a skincare routine that will have you glowing by the time the big day arrives. Keep in mind, you don’t want to do anything too drastic with your skin within the two weeks prior to the wedding, just in case.

When three months remain until the big day, mail out the invitations, pick the rehearsal dinner location, finalize songs and wedding favors and have your first dress fitting.

Last-Minute Touchups.

When you are down to the last month, anticipation is building. This is the homestretch that will lead to your new husband and wife homelife. Send out your RSVP’s, create a seating chart and wedding day timeline, finalize vows and buy small gifts for your guests. Don’t forget to get your marriage license, too, or you will hit a big snag in your upcoming nuptials.

When you are down to the last week, check in with the vendors and pick up your wedding dress and accessories.

The day before your wedding is not only about preparation; it is also about relaxation. Pamper yourself because this is the day you have been waiting for and planning. Get a manicure and pedicure. Get your hair professionally washed and styled. Don’t make any drastic hair color or style changes right before the wedding because if you don’t like it, it will haunt you in your wedding photos. Also, getting your hair styled the day before means you will have perfect hair for your rehearsal dinner and for the wedding.

To relax even more, try some yoga or meditation. If you opt to exercise, don’t push yourself too far because you don’t want to sweat and mess up your beautiful hair or be sore when you are waltzing down the aisle and enjoying your first dance as a married couple.

Weddings are meant to be a celebration of attaining love, which is that magical, undefinable thing that everyone craves and hardly anyone can properly put into words. There is a lot of planning involved in putting together a wedding, but it should not be stressful. The wedding as a process and as an event should be as fun as possible.

Each couple has a unique story. The wedding is not only a celebration; it is the condensed version of the story, a summary of your tale as a couple up to this point. The wedding is created by answering the fundamental questions that every story needs to answer, and those questions are who, what, when, where, why and how.

Your story doesn’t end when the wedding is over, so put the wedding into perspective and don’t give it too much importance. Relax, enjoy yourself, and more importantly, enjoy the one you love because that is what planning a killer wedding is all about.

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