Perfect Gift for Birthdays That Fall After the Holidays


With the holidays ending and the new year approaching, we can't forget the birthdays that fall in January. We know that December birthdays often fall in the mix of chaos. However, January birthdays fall right after everyone has scrambled to find the perfect gift for everyone. If you need help with gift ideas for those January birthdays, 1-800 Flowers Alhambra has you covered! It is no surprise that once the holidays are over you have used every gift idea you could possibly think of, and of course, who knows what toys kids have or have not received. Party Pooch is the perfect bouquet for the children whose birthdays are in January. This flower arrangement is a great gift to have sent to school, to bring for a centerpiece to a party or to send to the places you just can't make it to. This bouquet is filled with white carnations that form the shape of a dog! This is not only a beautiful bouquet on its own, but it features the January flower, Carnations. It is complimented with athos poms, purple monte casino and variegated pittosporum. The vase is an adorable feature that literally ties the bow that finishes this flower bouquet. It looks like a birthday present! 1-800 Flowers Alhambra wants all of Alhambra, CA and surrounding areas to know we are here to help you with all of your birthday needs. If you are interested in Party Pooch or similar arrangements, feel free to reach out. We want to create that perfect gift for you.

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