Decor Ideas for a Thanksgiving Party


“I am thankful for food to eat. I am thankful for a roof over my head. I am thankful for football...” Go around the table and say what you are thankful for. It’s a lasting tradition, but our team is thankful for Thanksgiving and all the beautiful moments it brings. Make those moments even more special with everything you’ll need to host family and friends for the holidays. Be prepared with these décor ideas for a Thanksgiving party they’ll never forget.

When hosting any party, it is important to remember that preparation is key. Do not try and do everything the morning or day of. It is the leading cause of a stressful outcome. If you start preparing ahead of time, it gives you the opportunity to change anything you are not happy with or pick up anything you forgot or still need. Last-minute runs to the store the morning of can be stressful and can easily ruin your mood before the party even gets started.

Your décor should be supported by your Thanksgiving party’s overall theme. Regardless if you choose to remain traditional or add a little flair of your own, Thanksgiving parties should be surrounded by guests that you love and are grateful for. Let these basic décor guidelines help make your Thanksgiving party one you will be talking about for years to come.


Floral centerpieces are truly the center of a Thanksgiving party. However, your centerpiece may vary according to your party’s overall aesthetic. Is it a Thanksgiving dinner party with your family? Is it a casual Friendsgiving with your closest friends? You have options.

Often, Thanksgiving centerpieces are supported by fall staples like pumpkins and berries. Fall colors are accented throughout. These accents can be found in the flowers chosen, the ribbon incorporated or the hand-picked fall accessories that are used to finish. The overall design layout of a Thanksgiving centerpiece can vary according to the table and style it is created for.

Some hosts like a traditional style decor. If that’s you, you can easily have natural products incorporated into your Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece. Incorporate pine combs, twigs and greenery in with your decorative pumpkins for an all-around festive and traditional look. If you like festivity but don’t want traditional, the flowers that are paired with the overall design can sway your centerpiece to fit any design aesthetic you are looking to achieve.

Our florists at 1-800-Flowers Alhambra in El Monte, CA, are here to create a Thanksgiving centerpiece that you would proudly display across the dinner table. A beautiful, festive centerpiece is often THE piece that draws the décor together. If you already have one, consider having a centerpiece or a fresh, hand-designed flower arrangement delivered to someone you love’s door. What better way to say I am grateful for you than with a spontaneous display of affection?

Sometimes life gets busy, and it is hard to get all your loved ones together for the holidays. Having festive flowers delivered to them along with a personalized card is a beautiful way to remind them that you are thinking of them and are grateful for the role they play in your life.

If family is together and you are just looking for a simple way to keep the little ones entertained, there are ways to involve the kids into the fun of Thanksgiving party prep.


One of THE most important things to keep in mind for Thanksgiving is the food that is to be prepared. It is quite literally the center of attention and the focal point for the holiday. It seems only appropriate to use this focal point for attendance (food) as a focal point for décor. Get crafty on your own or use the prep as entertainment for the kids.

Keep it simple with the kiddos. Choose something they can work independently on or with little to no assistance. It will keep them entertained and will help with the overall décor of the party. Who doesn’t like a cute, hand-crafted gift (that you can eat)?

For your first craft, you’ll need some clear, disposable gloves, popcorn, your favorite M&M’s or fall-colored candies, googly eyes, glue stick, orange construction paper and scissors. Clear tape and clear rubber bands are optional, but they could be useful.

The fingers of the clear gloves should be filled with the fall colored candy. Each finger should be a different color. The thumb should be filled with red candy. The popcorn should fill the center palm of the gloves. After each finger and the palm of the glove is filled, tie the bottom closed, glue on the googly eyes and cut the turkey’s beak out of the (preferably orange) construction paper. These turkey goody bags can be proudly displayed then handed out to the kiddos at the end of the night.

Create additional turkey goodies/decor out of chocolate dipped pretzels and candy corn. It is truly just a Pinterest search away. Plus, the kids, the guests and your camera will love the adorable nature of it all.


Whether it is a dinner for two or a dinner for twelve, candles can be a great addition to any and every Thanksgiving party décor design. Candles have an undeniable way of adding an ambiance to a home. Candles often offer feelings of warmth, comfort and even romance in the right setting.

Candles are often incorporated into fall design for a variety of reasons. Not only do they fit well into a design that is pleasing to the eye, but they also contribute to other senses. Their warmth touches the skin, perfect for a fall or winter’s night. Their fragrance invests into the betterment of a person’s mood, and for the more decadent smells, it is almost as if they can be tasted.

Candles not only add light into a room; they add light into life. Whether you choose to use them for the ambiance, smell or overall desirability, candles may be the perfect last-minute touch to your next Thanksgiving party.

Fall Staple Pieces

Pumpkin pies and fine wine, everyone associates fall with something different. It could be the longing for family to be gathered around a turkey at Thanksgiving. It could be the cute pumpkin patches or playful fair date nights. One thing is for certain, Thanksgiving dinner or Thanksgiving dinner parties are a lasting pastime and a living tradition.

Each Thanksgiving is going to look and sound a little different. Every home holds its Thanksgiving dinner party a little differently. It may not even be a dinner at all. Perhaps, you choose to express gratitude around the living room watching football, that is okay, too.

However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, have a little fun with its overall prep. Adding décor into a Thanksgiving party or celebration is not only fun for you; it is fun for everyone else attending to. Sometimes it is all found in the icons or fall staple pieces that you have incorporated throughout. What about the season warms your heart and fills your soul? Base your Thanksgiving décor around that.

If you need some inspiration, turkeys, pumpkins, candy corn, sunflowers, pinecones and pilgrims are just a few fun options. It doesn’t matter if it is kid’s crafts, self-made fall décor or store-bought knickknacks, your Thanksgiving party décor can be as fun, cheesy or classic as your heart desires.

Personal Touches

It is all in the personal touches. Pictures of loved ones, message boards for the guests and other personalized décor will help keep track of the moments that you will treasure forever. Sometimes the best decor is found in nostalgic treasures that have been passed down. Something as simple as a turkey tray can be your go-to staple piece for a Thanksgiving dinner party.

Your Thanksgiving party décor can be as color-coordinated, properly placed and high class as you want, but it can also be as simple and laid back as you want.

However you choose to host your guests this Thanksgiving, make sure to take some time to enjoy yourself and reflect on all the things you are thankful for. Moments like these are irreplaceable. Don’t let the stress of planning and executing a Thanksgiving dinner party take away from the beauty of the day. Our florists are here to help in any way we can. Getting to design fresh flowers into a design that makes your home feel its warmest is just a plus for us.

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