Buying Flowers For Someone Without a Favorite Flower


When buying an arrangement for someone you always want to make sure you are buying an arrangement that they would love. But what happens when the recipient doesn’t have a favorite flower? Here at Conroy's Flowers Alhambra in Alhambra, CA we have compiled some ways to pick an arrangement even if the recipient doesn’t have a preferred flower! When choosing an arrangement as a gift, you may want to choose and arrangement that has a lot of their favorite color, like a mono-chromatic bouquet like Serene Green or Shades of Purple. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a favorite flower because it still appeals to them because it has a lot of their favorite color. Another way to choose a bouquet is to choose an arrangement that appeals to their lifestyle or personality. Someone who is very busy and doesn’t have much time would benefit from a bouquet with low maintenance flowers like alstromaeria, roses and carnations, someone who is more nurturing is maybe more okay with receiving an arrangement that requires a little more TLC. You can also try choosing an arrangement for someone who doesn’t have a favorite flower by choosing to mimic their personal style. How can you do that? Easy! Someone more traditional or classic would like a traditional arrangement like Radiant Romance while someone more eclectic or free-spirited would like a more rustic arrangement like Simply Chic. What is your favorite flower to receive in a bouquet? Comment below! Get in touch with the florists at Conroy's Flowers Alhambra to get started picking out your perfect bouquet today!

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